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Moments of the ground state density for the d -dimensional Fermi gas in an harmonic trap

PJ Forrester

Random Matrices: Theory and Applications | World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt | Published : 2020


We consider properties of the ground state density for the [Formula: see text]-dimensional Fermi gas in an harmonic trap. Previous work has shown that the [Formula: see text]-dimensional Fourier transform has a very simple functional form. It is shown that this fact can be used to deduce that the density itself satisfies a third-order linear differential equation, previously known in the literature but from other considerations. It is shown too how this implies a closed form expression for the [Formula: see text]th non-negative integer moments of the density, and a second-order recurrence. Both can be extended to general Re[Formula: see text]. The moments, and the smoothed density, permit ex..

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