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Dexamethasone up-regulates skeletal muscle maximal Na ,K pump activity by muscle group specific mechanisms in humans.

Nikolai Nordsborg, Craig Goodmann, Michael J McKenna, Jens Bangsbo

The Journal of Physiology | Wiley | Published : 2005


Dexamethasone, a widely clinically used glucocorticoid, increases human skeletal muscle Na+,K+ pump content, but the effects on maximal Na+,K+ pump activity and subunit specific mRNA are unknown. Ten healthy male subjects ingested dexamethasone for 5 days and the effects on Na+,K+ pump content, maximal activity and subunit specific mRNA level (alpha1, alpha2, beta1, beta2, beta3) in deltoid and vastus lateralis muscle were investigated. Before treatment, maximal Na+,K+ pump activity, as well as alpha1, alpha2, beta1 and beta2 mRNA levels were higher (P < 0.05) in vastus lateralis than in deltoid. Dexamethasone treatment increased Na+,K+ pump maximal activity in vastus lateralis and deltoid b..

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