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Aberrant connectivity in auditory precision encoding in schizophrenia spectrum disorder and across the continuum of psychotic-like experiences

Kit Melissa Larsen, Ilvana Dzafic, Hayley Darke, Holly Pertile, Olivia Carter, Suresh Sundram, Marta I Garrido

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractBackgroundThe ability to generate a precise internal model of statistical regularities is impaired in schizophrenia. Predictive coding accounts of schizophrenia suggest that psychotic symptoms may be explained by a failure to build precise beliefs or a model of the world. The precision of this model may vary with context. For example, in a noisy environment the model will be more imprecise compared to a model built in an environment with lower noise. However compelling, this idea has not yet been empirically studied in schizophrenia. Methods: In this study, 62 participants engaged in a stochastic mismatch negativity paradigm with high and low precision. We included inpatients with a ..

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