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Tumour infiltrating lymphocyte status is superior to histological grade, DNA mismatch repair and BRAF mutation for prognosis of colorectal adenocarcinomas with mucinous differentiation

David S Williams, Dmitri Mouradov, Marsali R Newman, Elham Amini, David K Nickless, Catherine G Fang, Michelle Palmieri, Anuratha Sakthianandeswaren, Shan Li, Robyn L Ward, Nicholas J Hawkins, Iain Skinner, Ian Jones, Peter Gibbs, Oliver M Sieber



Mucinous colorectal adenocarcinoma (CRC) is conventionally defined by extracellular mucin comprising >50% of the tumour area, while tumours with ≤50% mucin are designated as having a mucinous component. However, these definitions are largely arbitrary and comparisons of clinico-molecular features and outcomes by proportion of mucinous component are limited. A cohort of 1643 patients with stage II/III cancer was examined for tumour mucinous component, DNA mismatch repair (MMR) status, BRAF mutation and tumour infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). Tumours with ≤50% mucinous component exhibited similar characteristics as mucinous tumours, including association with female gender, proximal location, ..

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Awarded by Cancer Australia Project Grant

Awarded by Cancer Council Victoria

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors have no conflict of interest to declare. This work was supported by a Cancer Australia Project Grant (APP1120882), a Cancer Council Victoria Grant-in-Aid (1060964), the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program, a University of Melbourne Department of Pathology Career Development Award, and an Austin Medical Research Foundation Project Grant. O.M.S. is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow (APP1136119).