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Field-Testing and Refinement of the Organisational Health Literacy Responsiveness Self-Assessment (Org-HLR) Tool and Process.

Anita Trezona, Sarity Dodson, Emma Fitzsimon, Anthony D LaMontagne, Richard H Osborne

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health | Published : 2020


Health literacy refers to the skills and knowledge that influence a person's ability to access, understand and use information to make health-related decisions, which are influenced by the complexity of their health needs and the demands health services place on them. The aim of this study was to field-test the Organisational Health Literacy Responsiveness (Org-HLR) tool and process to determine their utility in assessing health literacy responsiveness and for supporting organisations to plan health literacy-related improvement activities. Four organisations in Victoria, Australia, field-tested the Org-HLR tool. Data were collected through direct observation, participant feedback, and focus ..

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