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Hypocalcaemia following denosumab in prostate cancer: A clinical review

Lik-Hui Lau, Edward RS Cliff, Vanessa Wong, Henry Wong, Niloufar Torkamani, Audrey Eer, Andrew Weickhardt, Mathis Grossmann

Clinical Endocrinology | WILEY | Published : 2020


OBJECTIVES: Denosumab is often used in men with advanced prostate cancer to prevent skeletal-related events, but can be associated with severe hypocalcaemia. Our objective was to review the pathophysiology, identify risk factors and provide recommendations for prevention and management of denosumab-associated hypocalcaemia. DESIGN: We reviewed the literature regarding denosumab-associated severe hypocalcaemia, defined as necessitating hospitalization for intravenous calcium treatment, in the context of prostate cancer. PATIENTS: Men with prostate cancer with severe denosumab-associated hypocalcemia. RESULTS: We identified 20 men with prostate cancer with severe denosumab-associated hypocalce..

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