Journal article

The effect of diet on plasma homocysteine concentrations in healthy male subjects

NJ Mann, D Li, AJ Sinclair, NPB Dudman, XW Guo, GR Elsworth, AK Wilson, FD Kelly

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition | STOCKTON PRESS | Published : 1999


OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of habitual omnivorous and vegetarian diets on folate and vitamin B12 status and the subsequent effect on homocysteine concentration. DESIGN: Cross-sectional comparison of free-living habitual meat-eaters and habitual vegetarians. SETTING: The study was conducted at RMIT University, Melbourne. SUBJECTS: One hundred and thirty-nine healthy male subjects (vegans n=18, ovolacto vegetarians n=43, moderate meat-eaters n=60 and high meat-eaters n=18) aged 20-55 y who were recruited in Melbourne. OUTCOME MEASURES: Fasting plasma or serum from each subject was analysed for folate, vitamin B12 and homocysteine concentration. A semi-quantitative Food Frequency Questi..

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