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Short-term diets enriched in stearic or palmitic acids do not alter plasma lipids, platelet aggregation or platelet activation status

FD Kelly, AJ Sinclair, NJ Mann, AH Turner, FL Raffin, MV Blandford, MJ Pike

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2002


OBJECTIVE: To determine whether healthy males who consumed increased amounts of dietary stearic acid compared with increased dietary palmitic acid through the consumption of commercially available foods, exhibited any changes in plasma lipids, platelet aggregation or platelet activation status. DESIGN: A randomised cross-over dietary intervention. SUBJECTS AND INTERVENTIONS: Nine free-living healthy males consumed two experimental diets (stearic acid enriched, diet S, and palmitic acid enriched, diet P) for 3 weeks in a randomised cross-over design separated by a 3 week washout phase. The diets consisted of approximately 30% of energy as fat (30% of which was derived from the treatment diets..

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