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Acquired arachnoid cyst in a cat.

T Sugiyama, DJ Simpson

Aust Vet J | Wiley | Published : 2009


A 5-year-old Birman cat presented with paraparesis associated with a fracture of the third thoracic vertebra and was managed conservatively. Voluntary function was regained over the next 6 months, but the cat was referred 4 years after the trauma because of recurrence of hindlimb paresis and ataxia. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a spinal arachnoid cyst at the level of the fourth thoracic vertebra, which was treated surgically by dorsal laminectomy and durectomy, and hindlimb function subsequently recovered. The cat re-presented 4 years later for recurrent hindlimb paresis. Myelography and computed tomography-myelography (CT-M) showed dorsolateral pooling of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF..

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