Book Chapter

Critical Autoethnography and Musical Improvisation: Reflections and 21st Century Dimensions.

Leon de Bruin

Creative Selves/Creative Cultures: Critical Autoethnography, Performance, and Pedagogy | Palgrave Macmillan | Published : 2018


This chapter considers how reflective practice demonstrates a cyclical potential; of self-reflexivity and reviewing personal, critical processes, and maintaining ongoing capacities for exploration and discovery. The chapter views the self-critical and self-affirming processes of an improvising musician, and the meaning-making derived from autoethnographic objects, collaborations and collectives, within communities of practice and the wider creative music politic. The chapter utilizes autoethnography to critically self-reflect the author’s learning journey as educator-practitioner-researcher and the ‘double-consciousness’ inherent as both insider and outsider to these paradigms. Issues of mea..

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