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Randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of a specialist team for managing refractory unipolar depressive disorder

Richard Morriss, Sarah Marttunnen, Anne Garland, Neil Nixon, Ruth McDonald, Tim Sweeney, Heather Flambert, Richard Fox, Catherine Kaylor-Hughes, Marilyn James, Min Yang

BMC PSYCHIATRY | BMC | Published : 2010


BACKGROUND: Around 40 per cent of patients with unipolar depressive disorder who are treated in secondary care mental health services do not respond to first or second line treatments for depression. Such patients have 20 times the suicide rate of the general population and treatment response becomes harder to achieve and sustain the longer they remain depressed. Despite this there are no randomised controlled trials of community based service delivery interventions delivering both algorithm based pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for patients with chronic depressive disorder in secondary care mental health services who remain moderately or severely depressed after six months treatment. With..

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