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Conflict management in Indonesia's post-authoritarian democracy: resource contestation, power dynamics and brokerage

Rachael Diprose, Muhammad Najib Azca

Conflict, Security and Development | Taylor & Francis (Routledge) | Published : 2020


Contestation over land, resource access and rents has long underpinned both sub-national conflicts and centre-periphery tensions in Indonesia. This paper explores resource conflict management in Indonesia, with a particular focus on the political economy of Riau province. It argues a centre-periphery bargain was struck at the onset of democratisation to redistribute a larger proportion of oil and gas rents to Riau, de-escalating support for the emergent Free Riau Movement. Through a combination of national and sub-national political settlements between narrow but adaptive coalitions of political-private sector elite interests, these coalitions have maintained their power and control over res..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Claire Q. Smith, Lars Waldorf, Tom Jarvis, Terence Lee, participants in the Comparative Peacebuilding in Asia network and the anonymous reviewers of this article for their insightful comments and inputs. We would also like to thank Azifah Astrina for her research assistance, and the interviewees who have been generous with their time to share their experience and insights. The most recent round field research for this article was funded by the Melbourne School of Government grant for the States, Frontiers and Conflict Project.