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Evidence that eye-movement profiles do not explain slow binocular rivalry rate in bipolar disorder: support for a perceptual endophenotype

Phillip CF Law, Caroline T Gurvich, Trung T Ngo, Steven M Miller

BIPOLAR DISORDERS | WILEY | Published : 2017


OBJECTIVES: Presenting conflicting images simultaneously, one to each eye, produces perceptual alternations known as binocular rivalry (BR). Slow BR rate has been proposed as an endophenotype for bipolar disorder (BD) for use in large-scale genome-wide association studies. However, the trait could conceivably reflect eye movement (EM) dysfunction in BD rather than anomalous perceptual processing per se. To address this question, we examined the relationship between EM profiles and BR rate for various stimulus types in BD and healthy subjects. We also examined differences in EM profiles between these groups. METHODS: Employing a repeated-measures within-subjects design, 20 BD outpatients and ..

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