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The genetic architecture of correlations between perceptual timing, motor timing, and intelligence

Miriam A Mosing, Karin JH Verweij, Guy Madison, Fredrik Ullen

Intelligence | ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC | Published : 2016


Psychometric intelligence correlates with performance on a wide range of sensory and motor tasks that involve processing of temporal information in the millisecond-second range. For some timing tasks, e.g. reaction time and discrimination of temporal stimuli in working memory, the associations with intelligence are likely to involve top-down mechanisms such as attention. However, studies on repetitive, automatic motor timing tasks indicate that correlations between intelligence and timing also may reflect bottom-up mechanisms, i.e. basic neural properties that influence both the temporal accuracy of behavior and cognitive processes. Here, we study the genetic architecture of the associations..

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Awarded by Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

The present work was supported by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation (M11-0451:1) and the Sven and Dagmar Salen Foundation. We would also like to thank the Swedish twins for their participation.