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Platypus Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: the Unique Pluripotency Signature of a Monotreme

DJ Whitworth, IJ Limnios, M-E Gauthier, P Weeratunga, DA Ovchinnikov, G Baillie, SM Grimmond, JA Marshall Graves, EJ Wolvetang

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Summary StatementThe generation and transcriptome analysis of the first induced pluripotent stem cells from the platypus reveals SOX2 has been a key driver of the expanded pluripotency regulatory network in placental mammals.ABSTRACTThe mechanisms by which pluripotency has evolved remain unclear. To gain insight into the evolution of mammalian pluripotency we have generated induced pluripotent stem cells (piPSCs) from the platypus. Deep sequencing of the piPSC transcriptome revealed that piPSCs robustly express the core eutherian pluripotency factors OCT4, SOX2 and NANOG. Given the more extensive role of SOX3 over SOX2 in avian pluripotency, our data indicate that between 315 million years a..

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