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Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Archean mafic rocks from the Amsaga area, West African craton, Mauritania

Ashlea N Wainwright, Fatima El Atrassi, Vinciane Debaille, Nadine Mattielli



Determining the extent of mantle mixing during the Hadean-Archean is an integral factor in our understanding of early geodynamic processes as well as the speed and degree of mantle homogenisation. If a dynamic convecting mantle was the predominant regime it would be expected that early formed isotopic anomalies would be quickly homogenised, whilst in a stagnant lid regime these anomalies might last for hundreds of millions of years. Archean terranes are dominated by felsic tonalite, trondhjemite and granodiorite rocks, as such these rocks have been the main rock type studied, even though they are not formed by primary mantle melts. Therefore, in this study, we have focused on mafic rock samp..

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Funding Acknowledgements

ANW thanks the ERC StG "ISoSyC" for funding. FEA, NM and VD thank the BELSPO IUAP Planet-Topers for past funding, and for funding the field mission. Julien Berger is warmly thanked for his help on the field. Sabrina Cauchies and Wendy Debouge are thanked for assisting in the lab, and Rosalind Armytage for helping with Nd measurements. VD thanks the ERC StG "ISoSyC" and FRS-FNRS for present support.