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On-chip surface acoustic wave and micropipette aspiration techniques to assess cell elastic properties.

Yanqi Wu, Tianhong Cheng, Qianyu Chen, Bryan Gao, Alastair G Stewart, Peter VS Lee

Biomicrofluidics | A I P Publishing LLC | Published : 2020


The cytoskeletal mechanics and cell mechanical properties play an important role in cellular behaviors. In this study, in order to provide comprehensive insights into the relationship between different cytoskeletal components and cellular elastic moduli, we built a phase-modulated surface acoustic wave microfluidic device to measure cellular compressibility and a microfluidic micropipette-aspiration device to measure cellular Young's modulus. The microfluidic devices were validated based on experimental data and computational simulations. The contributions of structural cytoskeletal actin filament and microtubule to cellular compressibility and Young's modulus were examined in MCF-7 cells. T..

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