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Evidence for B0-->pi0pi0.

SH Lee, K Suzuki, K Abe, K Abe, T Abe, I Adachi, Byoung Sup Ahn, H Aihara, K Akai, M Akatsu, M Akemoto, Y Asano, V Aulchenko, T Aushev, AM Bakich, Y Ban, S Banerjee, A Bay, I Bedny, I Bizjak Show all

Physical review letters | Published : 2003


We report evidence for the decay B0-->pi(0)pi(0). The analysis is based on a data sample of 152x10(6) BBmacr; pairs collected at the Upsilon(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB e(+)e(-) storage ring. We detect a signal for B0-->pi(0)pi(0) with a significance of 3.4 standard deviations, and measure the branching fraction to be [1.7+/-0.6(stat)+/-0.2(syst)]x10(-6).

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