Thesis / Dissertation

The Performer-Arranger: A Clarinettist’s Perspective on Building Repertoire for Clarinet, Cello and Piano Trio

David Griffiths, Catherine Hope (ed.), Joel Crotty (ed.)

Published : 2019


Over the course of its fourteen-year history, Melbourne-based chamber ensemble Ensemble Liaison has developed a unique identity in the Australian musical landscape through its performances of arrangements created from within the ensemble. A body of work of more than 45 arrangements has been produced that utilise the particular skills of the ensemble. Using five of these arrangements as exemplars, this practice-led research portfolio explores the approaches I have taken as arranger and clarinettist with Ensemble Liaison to investigate the extent to which they have influenced the arrangement and performance outcomes. I was aiming to discover how my expertise as a clarinettist could be used o..

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