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The intersection of nitrogen nutrition and water use in plants: new paths toward improved crop productivity

Darren C Plett, Kosala Ranathunge, Vanessa J Melino, Noriyuki Kuya, Yusaku Uga, Herbert J Kronzucker

Journal of Experimental Botany | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2020


Water and nitrogen availability limit crop productivity globally more than most other environmental factors. Plant availability of macronutrients such as nitrate is, to a large extent, regulated by the amount of water available in the soil, and, during drought episodes, crops can become simultaneously water and nitrogen limited. In this review, we explore the intricate relationship between water and nitrogen transport in plants, from transpiration-driven mass flow in the soil to uptake by roots via membrane transporters and channels and transport to aerial organs. We discuss the roles of root architecture and of suberized hydrophobic root barriers governing apoplastic water and nitrogen move..

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