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Proteomics as a functional genomics tool.

Ulrike Mathesius, Nijat Imin, Siria HA Natera, Barry G Rolfe

Plant Functional Genomics | Methods in Molecular Biology | Humana Press | Published : 2003


To understand the function of all the genes in an organism, one needs to know not only which genes are expressed, when, and where, but also what the protein end products are and under which conditions they accumulate in certain tissues. Proteomics aims at describing the whole protein output of the genome and complements transcriptomic and metabolomic studies. Proteomics depends on extracting, separating, visualizing, identifying, and quantifying the proteins and their interactions present in an organism or tissue at any one time. All of these stages have limitations. Therefore, it is, at present, impossible to describe the whole proteome of any organism. Plants might synthesize many thousand..

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