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CEBPG regulates ERCC5/XPG expression in human bronchial epithelial cells and this regulation is modified by E2F1/YY1 interactions

EL Crawford, T Blomquist, DN Mullins, Y Yoon, DR Hernandez, M Al-Bagdhadi, J Ruiz, J Hammersley, JC Willey



Marked inter-individual variation in lung cancer risk cannot be accounted for solely by cigarette smoke and other environmental exposures. Evidence suggests that variation in bronchial epithelial cell expression of key DNA repair genes plays a role. Variation in these genes correlates with variation in expression of CEBPG and E2F1 transcription factors. Here, we investigated the mechanistic basis for correlation of the DNA repair gene ERCC5 (previously known as XPG) with CEBPG and E2F1. CEBPG expression vector transfected into H23 or H460 cell lines up-regulated endogenous ERCC5 and also luciferase from a reporter construct containing 589 bp of ERCC5 5' regulatory region. A recognition site ..

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