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Comprehensive analysis of chromothripsis in 2,658 human cancers using whole-genome sequencing

Isidro Cortes-Ciriano, Jake June-Koo Lee, Ruibin Xi, Dhawal Jain, Youngsook L Jung, Lixing Yang, Dmitry Gordenin, Leszek J Klimczak, Cheng-Zhong Zhang, David S Pellman, Peter J Park, Kadir C Akdemir, Eva G Alvarez, Adrian Baez-Ortega, Rameen Beroukhim, Paul C Boutros, David DL Bowtell, Benedikt Brors, Kathleen H Burns, Peter J Campbell Show all

Nature Genetics | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2020


Awarded by European Union

Awarded by US National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program Project

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the European Union's Framework Programme For Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 703543 (I.C.-C.), the Ludwig Center at Harvard (I.C.-C., J.J.-K.L. and P.J.P.), K22CA193848 (L.Y.), R01CA213404 (D.S.P.) and the US National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program Project Z1AES103266 (D.G. and L.J.K.). We thank the Research Information Technology Group at Harvard Medical School for providing computational resources and S. Ouellette in the Park laboratory for help in deploying the companion website. We acknowledge the contributions of the many clinical networks across ICGC and TCGA, who provided samples and data to the PCAWG Consortium, and the contributions of the Technical Working Group and the Germline Working Group of the PCAWG Consortium for collation, realignment and harmonized variant calling of the cancer genomes used in this study. We thank the patients and their families for their participation in the individual ICGC and TCGA projects.