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On the Interaction between Wind Stress and Waves: Wave Growth and Statistical Properties of Large Waves

JH Lee, JP Monty

Journal of Physical Oceanography | American Meteorological Society | Published : 2020


Statistical properties and development of wave fields with different wind forcings are investigated through parametric laboratory experiments. Thirty different, random sea states simulated using a JONSWAP spectrum are mechanically generated in deep-water conditions. Each of the random simulated sea states is exactly repeated but subjected to a range of different wind speeds to study the interaction between wind stress and the existing random sea state waves, especially the isolated effect of the wind stress on the largest waves. Wave crest distributions are sensitive to the wind at the extreme end such that there is an observed deviation from second-order theory for the largest (lowest proba..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge support from Australian Research Council. The authors also wish to thank A. V. Babanin and G. Wake for valuable ideas and discussions and A. Toffoli for providing the wave gauges.