Journal article

Between Project and Region: The Challenges of Managing Water in Shandong Province After the South-North Water Transfer Project

Dan Chen, Zhaohui Luo, Michael Webber, Sarah Rogers, Ian Rutherfurd, Mark Wang, Brian Finlayson, Min Jiang, Chenchen Shi, Wenjing Zhang

Water Alternatives | WATER ALTERNATIVES ASSOC | Published : 2020


This paper examines the challenges that a region of China is facing as it seeks to integrate a centrally planned, hierarchically determined water transfer project into its own water supply systems. Water from China's South-North Water Transfer Project (SNWTP) has been available in Shandong since 2013. How has this province been managing the integration of SNWTP water into its water supply plans, and what challenges is it facing in the process? This paper demonstrates that Shandong's planners consistently overestimated future …