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Identifying candidate detoxification genes in the ecdysteroid kinase-like (EcKL) and cytochrome P450 gene families in Drosophila melanogaster by integrating evolutionary and transcriptomic data

Jack L Scanlan, Rebecca S Gledhill-Smith, Paul Battlay, Charles Robin

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractThe capacity to detoxify toxic compounds is essential for adaptation to the ecological niches of many organisms, especially insects. However, detoxification in insects is often viewed through the lens of mammalian detoxification research, even though the organ and enzyme systems involved have diverged for over half a billion years. Phosphorylation is a non-canonical phase II detoxification reaction that, among animals, occurs near exclusively in insects, but the enzymes responsible have never been cloned or otherwise identified. We propose the hypothesis that members of the arthropod-specific ecdysteroid kinase-like (EcKL) gene family encode detoxicative kinases. To test this hypothe..

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