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Global reprogramming of virulence and antibiotic resistance inPseudomonas aeruginosaby a single nucleotide polymorphism in the elongation factor-encoding gene,fusA1

Eve A Maunders, Rory C Triniman, Taufiq Rahman, Martin Welch

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractPseudomonas aeruginosais a common opportunistic pathogen. The organism displays elevated intrinsic antibiotic resistance and can cause life-threatening infections. The gene encoding an elongation factor, FusA1, is frequently mutated in clinical isolates ofP. aeruginosafrom patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). Recent work has shown thatfusA1mutants often display elevated aminoglycoside resistance due to increased expression of the aminoglycoside efflux pump, MexXY. In the current work, we isolated a spontaneous gentamicin-resistantfusA1mutant (FusA1P443L) in whichmexXYexpression was increased. Through a combination of proteomic and transcriptomic analyses, we found that thefusA1mutant ..

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