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High body mass index is a strong predictor of intraoperative acquired pressure injury in spinal surgery patients when prophylactic film dressings are applied: A retrospective analysis prior to the BOSS Trial

Mine Yoshimura, Norihiko Ohura, Nick Santamaria, Yorikatsu Watanabe, Tanetaka Akizuki, Amit Gefen



We reported the efficacy of soft silicone multilayered foam dressings in preventing intraoperatively acquired pressure injuries (IAPIs) in the prone position using a Relton-Hall frame (BOSS trial). The aim of this study was to clarify the incidence and extract the risk factors for IAPIs in cases in which polyurethane film dressing was used against IAPIs before the BOSS trial period. This study conducted as a retrospective dual-center cohort study between August 2014 and Jun 2015 using the medical records in the operating room. The incidence of IAPIs that developed within 24 hours after surgery was 7.1% (7/99). The multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed that body mass index (BMI) ..

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