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Design of annulene-within-an-annulene systems by the altanisation approach. A study of altan-[n]annulenes

Matteo Piccardo, Alessandro Soncini, Patrick W Fowler, Guglielmo Monaco, Riccardo Zanasi

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2020


The altanisation strategy, devised to design molecules with large and paratropic perimeter circulations, is applied to the family of [n]annulenes to give, altan-[n]annulenes, i.e. [n,5]coronenes. Analytical expressions are obtained for the eigenvalues of the Hückel Hamiltonian for altan-[n]annulenes, and used in conjunction with selection rules derived from the ipsocentric approach to predict patterns of global ring current in these systems. Density-functional calculations performed on seven altan-[n]annulenes, three neutral and four charged, give current-density maps in essential agreement with the predictions obtained at the unperturbed Hückel level. All but one of the systems show pattern..

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Financial support from MIUR is gratefully acknowledged. AS acknowledges support from an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant DP170100034.