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Measuring Sulforaphane and Its Metabolites in Human Plasma: A High Throughput Method.

Annie Langston-Cox, Dovile Anderson, Darren J Creek, Kirsten Palmer, Euan M Wallace, Sarah A Marshall

Molecules | Published : 2020


(1) Background: There is increasing understanding of the potential health benefits of cruciferous vegetables. In particular sulforaphane (SFN), found in broccoli, and its metabolites sulforaphane-glutathione (SFN-GSH), sulforaphane-cysteine (SFN-Cys), sulforaphane cysteine-glycine (SFN-CG) and sulforaphane-N-acetyl-cysteine (SFN-NAC) have potent antioxidant effects that may offer therapeutic value. Clinical investigation of sulforaphane as a therapeutic antioxidant requires a sensitive and high throughput process for quantification of sulforaphane and metabolites; (2) Methods: We collected plasma samples from healthy human volunteers before and for eight hours after consumption of a commerci..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council

Awarded by Norman Beischer Medical Research Foundation