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Does size matter? Morphometrics of southern bent-winged bats (Miniopterus orianae bassanii) and eastern bent-winged bats (Miniopterus orianae oceanensis)

PH Holz, LF Lumsden, T Reardon, P Gray, J Hufschmid

Australian Zoologist | Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales | Published : 2020


The population size of the southern bent-winged bat, a critically endangered bat subspecies, has significantly declined in the last 50 years. As part of a larger study to determine whether disease could be a contributing factor to this decline, morphometric data was gathered for southern bent-winged bats and compared with the more common eastern bent-winged bats. Southern bent-winged bats were heavier, but forearm length was not significantly different between the two subspecies. This suggests that southern bent-winged bats may require more energy to fly and forage than eastern bent-winged bats. Consequently, southern bent-winged bats may need to consume more food on a daily basis, potential..

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