Book Chapter

A Comparative Consideration of the Penalties Doctrine in England and Australia

Katy Barnett, Sirko Harder

Twenty-First Century Remedies: Comparative Perspectives | Carolina Academic Press | Published : 2020


During 2018, the Remedies Discussion Forum met twice: First, in Aix-en- Provence, France, in June, and then in Louisville, Kentucky, in early December. For the Aix forum,1 there were several different topics under consideration: “Property remedies” (which could be analyzed from a variety of perspectives), “Intersections in Private Law” which could focus on intersections between private law areas (e.g., contract and tort, contract and fiduciary obligations) and other legal fields (e.g., private law and public law, tort law and corporate law), and “Recent developments in remedies” which could involve recent remedial developments from the writer’s own country.

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