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Complete genome and phylogenetic analysis of bovine papillomavirus type 15 in Southern Xinjiang dairy cow

Jianjun Hu, Wanqi Zhang, Surinder Singh Chauhan, Changqing Shi, Yumeng Song, Zhitao Qiu, Yubing Zhao, Zhehong Wang, Long Cheng, Yingyu Zhang

bioRxiv | Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2020


AbstractIn this study, the complete genome sequence of bovine papillomavirus (BPV) type 15 (BPV Aks-02), a novel putative BPV type from a skin sample of a cow in southern Xinjiang, China was determined by collecting cutaneous neoplastic lesion, followed by DNA extraction and amplicon sequencing. The complete genome consisted of 7189 base pairs (G+C content of 42.50%) that encoded five early (E8, E7, E1, E2, E4) and two late (L1 and L2) genes. The E7 protein contained a consensus CX2CX29CX2C zinc-binding domain and an LxCxE motif. The nucleotide sequence of the L1 open reading frame (ORF) was related mostly (99%) to the L1 ORF of putative type BAPV-3 reference strain from GenBank. Phylogeneti..

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