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Targeted surveillance strategies for efficient detection of novel antibiotic resistance variants

Allison Hicks, Stephen Kissler, Tatum Mortimer, Kevin Ma, George Taiaroa, Melinda Ashcroft, Deborah Williamson, Marc Lipsitch, Yonatan Grad

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2020


Abstract Genotype-based diagnostics for antibiotic resistance represent a promising alternative to empiric therapy, reducing inappropriate and ineffective antibiotic use. However, because such assays infer resistance phenotypes based on the presence or absence of known genetic markers, their utility will wane in response to the emergence of novel resistance. Maintenance of these diagnostics will therefore require surveillance designed to ensure early detection of novel resistance variants, but efficient strategies to do so remain to be defined. Here, we evaluate the efficiency of targeted sampling approaches informed by patient and pathogen characteristics in detecting genetic variants assoc..

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