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Integrative Multi-omics Analyses of Barley Rootzones under Salinity Stress Reveal Two Distinctive Salt Tolerance Mechanisms.

William Wing Ho Ho, Camilla B Hill, Monika S Doblin, Megan C Shelden, Allison van de Meene, Thusitha Rupasinghe, Antony Bacic, Ute Roessner

Plant Communications | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


The mechanisms underlying rootzone-localized responses to salinity during early stages of barley development remain elusive. In this study, we performed the analyses of multi-root-omes (transcriptomes, metabolomes, and lipidomes) of a domesticated barley cultivar (Clipper) and a landrace (Sahara) that maintain and restrict seedling root growth under salt stress, respectively. Novel generalized linear models were designed to determine differentially expressed genes (DEGs) and abundant metabolites (DAMs) specific to salt treatments, genotypes, or rootzones (meristematic Z1, elongation Z2, and maturation Z3). Based on pathway over-representation of the DEGs and DAMs, phenylpropanoid biosynthesi..

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