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A global barley panel revealing genomic signatures of breeding in modern cultivars

Camilla Beate Hill, Tefera Tolera Angessa, Xiao-Qi Zhang, Kefei Chen, Gaofeng Zhou, Cong Tan, Penghao Wang, Sharon Westcott, Chengdao Li

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractThe future of plant cultivar improvement lies in the evaluation of genetic resources from currently available germplasm. Recent efforts in plant breeding have been aimed at developing new and improved varieties from poorly adapted crops to suit local environments. However, the impact of these breeding efforts is poorly understood. Here, we assess the contributions of both historical and recent breeding efforts to local adaptation and crop improvement in a global barley panel by analysing the distribution of genetic variants with respect to geographic region or historical breeding category. By tracing the impact breeding had on the genetic diversity of barley released in Australia, wh..

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