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Immune Challenges and Seizures: How Do Early Life Insults Influence Epileptogenesis?

Bridgette D Semple, Larissa K Dill, Terence J O'Brien

Frontiers in Pharmacology | FRONTIERS MEDIA SA | Published : 2020


The development of epilepsy, a process known as epileptogenesis, often occurs later in life following a prenatal or early postnatal insult such as cerebral ischemia, stroke, brain trauma, or infection. These insults share common pathophysiological pathways involving innate immune activation including neuroinflammation, which is proposed to play a critical role in epileptogenesis. This review provides a comprehensive overview of the latest preclinical evidence demonstrating that early life immune challenges influence neuronal hyperexcitability and predispose an individual to later life epilepsy. Here, we consider the range of brain insults that may promote the onset of chronic recurrent spont..

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