Journal article

Tissue-resident memory T cells in breast cancer control and immunotherapy responses

Ann Byrne, Peter Savas, Sneha Sant, Ran Li, Balaji Virassamy, Stephen J Luen, Paul A Beavis, Laura K Mackay, Paul J Neeson, Sherene Loi

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2020


The presence of tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) is associated with favourable outcomes in patients with breast cancer as well as in those with other solid tumours. T cells make up a considerable proportion of TILs and current evidence suggests that CD8+ T cells are a crucial determinant of favourable clinical outcomes. Studies involving tumour material from numerous solid tumour types, including breast cancer, demonstrate that the CD8+ TILs include a subpopulation of tissue-resident memory T (TRM) cells. This subpopulation has features consistent with those of TRM cells, which have been described as having a role in peripheral immune surveillance and viral immunity in both humans and ..

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