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Modulation of Monocyte-Driven Myositis in Alphavirus Infection Reveals a Role for CX(3)CR1( ) Macrophages in Tissue Repair

Ali Zaid, Kothila Tharmarajah, Helen Mostafavi, Joseph R Freitas, Kuo-Ching Sheng, Suan-Sin Foo, Weiqiang Chen, Jelena Vider, Xiang Liu, Nicholas P West, Lara J Herrero, Adam Taylor, Laura K Mackay, Daniel R Getts, Nicholas JC King, Suresh Mahalingam

mBio | AMER SOC MICROBIOLOGY | Published : 2020


Arthritogenic alphaviruses such as Ross River and Chikungunya viruses cause debilitating muscle and joint pain and pose significant challenges in the light of recent outbreaks. How host immune responses are orchestrated after alphaviral infections and lead to musculoskeletal inflammation remains poorly understood. Here, we show that myositis induced by Ross River virus (RRV) infection is driven by CD11bhi Ly6Chi inflammatory monocytes and followed by the establishment of a CD11bhi Ly6Clo CX3CR1+ macrophage population in the muscle upon recovery. Selective modulation of CD11bhi Ly6Chi monocyte migration to infected muscle using immune-modifying microparticles (IMP) reduced disease score, tiss..

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