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Internationalisatie van MKB-bedrijven: een autonoom of coöperatief proces?

Maryse Brand, Gerda Gemser, Arndt Sorge

MAB Maandbad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfseconomie | Pubsolutions | Published : 2005


Working together is a strategy that is applied by all kinds of companies. For example, think of collaboration in the field of R&D, product development or logistics. Also when entering international markets, cooperation can be interesting, for example, the partner can provide specific market knowledge or required capital. In this article, we look at it internationalization process of Dutch SMEs, and the choice they make, whether or not collaborate with other organizations. The research focuses on two very different ones sectors; the metal industry and the software sector. We expect that SMEs will especially opting for a cooperative strategy over an autonomous strategy, and this in particular ..

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