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Background-dependentWolbachia-mediated insecticide resistance inLaodelphax striatellus

Yongteng Li, Xiangdong Liu, Na Wang, Yueliang Zhang, Ary A Hoffmann, Huifang Guo

Environmental Microbiology | WILEY | Published : 2020


Although facultative endosymbionts are now known to protect insect hosts against pathogens and parasitoids, the effects of endosymbionts on insecticide resistance are still unclear. Here we show that Wolbachia are associated with increased resistance to the commonly used insecticide, buprofezin, in the small brown planthopper (Laodelphax striatellus) in some genetic backgrounds while having no effect in other backgrounds. In three Wolbachia-infected lines from experimental buprofezin-resistant strains and one line from a buprofezin-susceptible line established from Chuxiong, Yunnan province, China, susceptibility to buprofezin increased after removal of Wolbachia. An increase in susceptibili..

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