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Understanding Mental Ill-health as Psychosocial Disability: Implications for Assistive Technology.

Kathryn E Ringland, Jennifer Nicholas, Rachel Kornfield, Emily G Lattie, David C Mohr, Madhu Reddy

ASSETS | Published : 2019


Psychosocial disability involves actual or perceived impairment due to a diversity of mental, emotional, or cognitive experiences. While assistive technology for psychosocial disabilities has been understudied in communities such as ASSETS, advances in computing have opened up a number of new avenues for assisting those with psychosocial disabilities beyond the clinic. However, these tools continue to emerge primarily within the framework of "treatment," emphasizing resolution or improvement of mental health symptoms. This work considers what it means to adopt a social model lens from disability studies and incorporate the expertise of assistive technology researchers in relation to mental h..

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