Thesis / Dissertation

The Art of Living in Prison: The Poetics of Renewal in an Applied Theatre Program With Women Prisoners

SJ Woodland, Penny Bundy (ed.), Michael Balfour (ed.)

Published : 2015


In 2010 I delivered a drama program for women prisoners at Brisbane Women's Correctional Centre (BWCC), which culminated in a performance for prisoners and staff. The program, Living Stories, drew from a range of drama approaches and strategies including image theatre, drama therapy, text-based work, improvisation games, drama skills development and process drama, finally touching on group devised performance. This program formed the basis for my doctoral study, in which I initially aimed to explore how drama might be a positive activity for women in this context, and to discover what drama approaches would engage them. The study is therefore an example of arts-based, practice-based qualitat..

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