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ENIGMA MDD: Seven Years of Global Neuroimaging Studies of Major Depression through Worldwide Data Sharing

Lianne Schmaal, Elena Pozzi, Tiffany Ho, Laura S van Velzen, Ilya Veer, Nils Opel, Eus Van Someren, Laura KM Han, Lybomir Aftanas, Andre Aleman, Bernhard T Baune, Klaus Berger, Tessa Blanken, Liliana Capitao, Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne, Kathryn R Cullen, Udo Dannlowski, Christopher Davey, Tracy Erwin-Grabner, Jennifer Evans Show all

Center for Open Science


A key objective in the field of translational psychiatry over the past few decades has been to identify the brain correlates common to individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD). Identifying measurable indicators of brain processes associated with MDD could facilitate the detection of individuals at risk, and the development of novel treatments, the monitoring of treatment effects, and predicting who might benefit most from treatments that target specific brain mechanisms. However, despite intensive neuroimaging research towards this effort, underpowered studies and a lack of reproducible findings have hindered progress. Here we discuss the work of the ENIGMA Major Depressive Disorder ..

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