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On the Robustness of Conceptual Rainfall-Runoff Models to Calibration and Evaluation Dataset Splits Selection: A Large Sample Investigation

Feifei Zheng, Danlu Guo, Hoshin Gupta, Holger Maier

Copernicus GmbH


<p>Conceptual Rainfall-Runoff (CRR) models are widely used for runoff simulation, and for prediction under a changing climate. The models are often calibrated with only a portion of all available data at a location, and then evaluated independently with another part of the data for reliability assessment. Previous studies report a persistent decrease in CRR model performance when applying the calibrated model to the evaluation data. However, there remains a lack of comprehensive understanding about the nature of this ‘<em>low transferability</em>’ problem and why it occurs. In this study we employ a large sample approach to investigate the robustness of ..

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