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Knowledge translation strategies for dissemination with a focus on healthcare recipients: an overview of systematic reviews

Evelina Chapman, Michelle M Haby, Tereza Setsuko Toma, Maritsa Carla de Bortoli, Eduardo Illanes, Maria Jose Oliveros, Jorge O Maia Barreto



BACKGROUND: While there is an ample literature on the evaluation of knowledge translation interventions aimed at healthcare providers, managers, and policy-makers, there has been less focus on patients and their informal caregivers. Further, no overview of the literature on dissemination strategies aimed at healthcare users and their caregivers has been conducted. The overview has two specific research questions: (1) to determine the most effective strategies that have been used to disseminate knowledge to healthcare recipients, and (2) to determine the barriers (and facilitators) to dissemination of knowledge to this group. METHODS: This overview used systematic review methods and was condu..

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Awarded by Ministry of Health of Brazil

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Health of Brazil (TED MS/SCTIE-Fiocruz #43/2016). The funder had no role in the design of the study, collection, analysis or interpretation of data or in the writing of the manuscript.