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3D Diamond Electrode Array for High-Acuity Stimulation in Neural Tissue

MEM Stamp, W Tong, K Ganesan, S Prawer, MR Ibbotson, DJ Garrett

ACS Applied Bio Materials | American Chemical Society | Published : 2020


Innovations in micro-and nanofabrication technologies enable the manufacture of multielectrode arrays for use in neuromodulation and neural recording. Multielectrode arrays make possible medical implants such as pacemakers, deep-brain stimulators, or visual and hearing aids, to treat numerous neural disorders. An optimal neural interface requires a high density of electrodes to precisely record from and stimulate the nervous system while minimizing the overall size of the array. For example, people with retinal degenerative diseases can benefit from retinal prostheses implanted inside the eye. However, at present the visual acuity provided by such implants is well below the threshold for fun..

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