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Large-sample hydrology to foster open and collaborative research: a review of recent progress and grand challenges

Gemma Coxon, Nans Addor, Camila Alvarez-Garreton, Hong X Do, Keirnan Fowler, Pablo A Mendoza

Copernicus GmbH


<p>Large-sample hydrology (LSH) relies on data from large sets (tens to thousands) of catchments to go beyond individual case studies and derive robust conclusions on hydrological processes and models and provide the foundation for improved understanding of the link between catchment characteristics, climate and hydrological responses. Numerous LSH datasets have recently been released, covering a wide range of regions and relying on increasingly diverse data sources to characterize catchment behaviour. These datasets offer novel opportunities for open hydrology, yet they are also limited by their lack of comparability, accessibility, uncertainty estimates and characterization of human ..

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