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Mid-life predictors of late-life depressive symptoms; determining risk factors spanning two decades in the Women's Heathy Ageing Project.

Katherine E Campbell, Alexandra Gorelik, Cassandra E Szoeke, Lorraine Dennerstein

Womens Midlife Health | Published : 2020


Background: Data available from longitudinal studies of adequate duration to explore midlife risk factors for late life higher depressive symptom scores in women is lacking. This study examines midlife (mean ages 50 years and 60 years) predictors of late life (mean age 70 years) depressive symptom scores to enrich our understanding of the role of changing risk factors across the lifespan. Methods: This investigation was an assessment of the long-term impact of lifestyle and health variables on depressive symptoms. Data were drawn from an epidemiological prospective study of women's healthy ageing spanning two decades. Variables included assessment of mood, demographics, physical health, smok..

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