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Analysis of genomic-length HBV sequences to determine genotype and subgenotype reference sequences

Anna L McNaughton, Peter A Revill, Margaret Littlejohn, Philippa C Matthews, M Azim Ansari

Journal of General Virology | MICROBIOLOGY SOC | Published : 2020


Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a diverse, partially double-stranded DNA virus, with 9 genotypes (A-I), and a putative 10th genotype (J), characterized thus far. Given the broadening interest in HBV sequencing, there is an increasing requirement for a consistent, unified approach to HBV genotype and subgenotype classification. We set out to generate an updated resource of reference sequences using the diversity of all genomic-length HBV sequences available in public databases. We collated and aligned genomic-length HBV sequences from public databases and used maximum-likelihood phylogenetic analysis to identify genotype clusters. Within each genotype, we examined the phylogenetic support for curr..

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